About Gilbert Wat

About Gilbert Wat

I am a tech lead consistently shipping software that achieved business results. My extensive hands-on experience in integrating latest technology into your services, compounded with a drive to make your products and services desirable, I can provide business results to your technology investment.

My highlights throughout my career so far are:

  • In Preface, I introduced ChatGPT within 24 hour of release. This allow Preface to lead the market in education tech space in Hong Kong.
  • In GOGOX, I build a stable and scalable Platform and Mobile App, with 99.9% SLA in 6 regions. This achievement can be found in the application proof of GOGOX IPO.
  • In AndyOS, bootstrapped one of the ad products and 4X of revenue in 5 months.
  • Found Code4HK, a community of 2000+ developers in Hong Kong to improve Hong Kong with tech.
  • Contributed as core team in building a Alipay rival in MPayme.
  • Built an Android App and Mobile Web App in Berlin during my working holiday in Germany.

Outside work, I am a father, husband, son and elder brother. I spent my free time dedicated to my family and writing. I also love learning new tricks, the latest adventure will be iPhone photography and whistling without using my hands.

About Cha Chaan Teng

Cha4 Chaan1 Teng1(茶餐廳) is a kind of restaurant originated from Hong Kong. They serve a menu of local comfort food. The locals gather in one of those and chat about anything. I love the vibe of a Cha Chaan Teng and wish to discuss the core topic I love: “make things people want” in such a local, chill but occasionally heated vibe.

If you go to a Cha Chaan Teng and don’t know what to order, the go-to combo is a pineapple bun, an egg tart with a cup of hot milk tea (菠蘿包,蛋撻,熱奶茶). Enjoy!