100 Words in 100 Days 6/100: An evolving API (6)

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In our last article we talk about the incident Lucy and her team faced.

After the incident, Lucy reflected that there were a lot of problems in the current workflow and design. As a responsible CTO, she came to conclusion that:

  1. There was lack of communication for her and Adam, resulting a long time and error prone merging work afterward.
  2. There was ambiguous product requirement from the customer point of view, resulting an ambiguous pricing model.
  3. Pricing model is crucial to business trust, breaking it resulting in an angry customer.

As a visionary CTO, she set up some minimal process with Adam and Stephanie to prevent such problems from happening again.

  1. Whenever we start a ticket, do a design session.
  2. Stephanie will be involved in all pricing model changes to brainstorm about the communication.
  3. Try to included beta customers in the product stories creation phrase.

After this incident, Lucy understood software development is not just about coding and software practice. Communication with customers and teammates are also crucial to the quality of software.

In the next article, we will fast forward to another incidents on pricing, and the introduction of functional programming to the team.