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How to make agile work as a developer? (Pt. 3)

Previously in Pt. 1 & 2, we discuss 3 tactics to discuss priorities and make sure all parties is aligned. The last part I can share some of the mindset changes I went through to better collaborate with other stakeholders.

People are not machine, please repeat your message

Most of the people work differently than a computer, the computer runs whatever you command it whenever you invoke it, endlessly. Every single time it gives the same output with same input if no changes is made to the system. But people work differently. One of the key difference is that people tends to heard your message after a few (or a lot of) repeating. If people unable to understand you, try rephrase it, describe it in different way and better still, hear the others’ perspective and deliver your message in their way of speaking or thinking. So be patience to try to say the same things in different ways in different time.

Just be fair, even to yourself

Some of the developers I work and have worked with have the misconception that people don’t understand software engineers, and vice versa. And after a few failures, the thought cemented in their brains and they stop making the effort to communicate.3 Preserve my brave warrior! Make sure you are rational and professional and you will attract same type of person to you. You are one of the voice and we are all equally heard.

In conclusion, I think the important lesson is that we should communicate at our best efforts and seek the team you enjoy working with.

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