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Golang-journey 101 - defer

I am trying to explore the possibilities of adding another tools in the arsenal of my team. Rails is awesome in rapid development, developing and iterating business logic, and most of the tasks in a web / mobile app are being taken care of. But everyone knows the elephant in the room — performance. Ruby is notoriously bad in performance, some of our services areas slow as 20 rps in 14 core machine! Data engineer in our company suggested us to try node / Golang. Coming from nodeJS / JS background, I am quite familiar with the Good, Bad and ugly of node and its ecosystem.(That’s another post)

So I decided to jump to prototype a bit using Golang to implement a lottery system. So first thing I found handy is defer . This is very convenient for people who is as careless as me. So it will run the function when the method exits. For example:

func main() {  
  f := createFile("/tmp/defer.txt")  
  defer closeFile(f)  

The closeFile(f) will run when the main() exits. This is so great as in the university days when I am studying C/ Java, I almost periodically forget to put in close(file) in the end of my function. Although in modern C we are safe1, but this is still not a very good code smell. But now I am now a good programmer again! Thanks to this handy defer .

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