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This piece stayed in Draft for almost 3 years already, I better publish it

Edwin and I were in the same class in Form 1, Grade 7 here in US. The fondest memories actually are some really small things happened when we were Form 4 and Form 5. We became classmate again. When I was in adolescence, I was having a lot of doubt in my life. I have doubted a lot about myself. I was nobody. He is the first one who laughed at my lame joke. One time I was in a hot pot gathering with all of my classmates. I was burned by the hot pot slightly.

“Ouch!” I said.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“I was burnt, here.” I said that while pointing at the hotpot. Somehow my perception of depth was malfunctioned at that time. My finger went too close to the hotpot.


And he bursted into laughter. I wasn’t intentionally making it, but was his laughter that let me know I can make people laugh. I am somebody now and this is pretty important to a 16-year-old teenager. He is always supportive and Karen must also feel that too.

Fast forwarding to 4 days ago, My girlfriend and I first arrived in San Francisco. Karen and Edwin came to pick us up. Since then I am constantly inspecting closely to their interaction. They interact very playfully and they are relax. Both of them are always candid and direct. Joke and wit are all over their communication. I only saw such in happily married couple, for example my parent. I definitely saw the interaction between Karen and Edwin, I am so happy for you, my man.

Today when I was going through the whole wedding day. Karen, you can be very well taken care of. Today there is a lot of things that can go wrong, and a lot of things that goes unplanned. The decoration on the car, the flower dome, the wind outside. The checklist. There are tons of things that today will be a disaster. But nope, today is perfect, thanks to Edwin, he was able to solve every one of them, keeping his calm and composure all the way. You become my inspiration again, my man.

Let me say also Karen is the perfect girl for my man Edwin, She has such passion in life and she is so intelligent makes her perfect for Edwin. The love between Karen and Edwin is strong. This love will bond you and provide everything this marriage needs.

I am very happy for you, my man.

I wish you guys happily ever after and for Chinese, it is always important to, 三年抱兩!

thanks Ming gor and Lolo for reviewing this for me.

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